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A Fairy-Tale Postcard Story Mr. & Mrs. Jones were down to their last potato in a time of famine. Mr.…

A Sci-fi Postcard Story about a simple metal sliver on a strange red planet.

She clasped and unclasped her fingers, her nails digging into the softness of her palms. Where the hell was Jason?

Since the first night, my flesh has become soft and pliable—plastic even. The flesh where I was touched can stretch so far from my calf I fear it may snap. It functions as my skin always has, but it is clearly no longer my skin—it is a spreading digestion of it.

The backseat was empty. There were bloodstains on the leather, but Aman wasn’t there. My car was wrecked. My phone was out of reception. My muscles spasmed. I threw up, then sat in the gravel and let the rain wash it into a grassy ditch.